FABRÍCIO SCALZILLI is an attorney with over 20 years of corporate advocacy, heading legal proceedings and cases for medium-size and large Brazilian and multinational firms over 15 years in structuring and conducting mergers, acquisitions and the sale of companies. As an exclusive advisor in M&A, he has built investment theses, worked on the construction and defense of valuation and operation rates, while also conducting a roadshow with investors, until securing deals. His solid and respected trajectory in the business and legal world, allied with the dream of building a legal team focused exclusively on mergers and acquisitions, are the pillars of Fabrício Scalzilli Advogados. The founder, after whom our institution is named, structured the legal body in a way to ensure specialized consultancy in mergers and acquisitions, a model practically unheard of in Brazil, as this type of activity is usually undertaken by ill-equipped, full-service legal firms, lacking the specialization and experience necessary when it comes to the vastness and complexity of an M&A process. Within this scenario, our goal is to provide fully tailored legal services, with the highest levels of discretion, transparency and strategic business visions, catering to the legal demands of clients entering or midway through a specific sale or purchase of assets or a company.


A professional with vast experience in corporate consultancy, with a bachelor’s
degree in Law and a major in Business Management. He sits on Administrative,
Fiscal and Advisory Boards for companies in varying sectors, with a focus on
strategic planning, crisis management, governance and risk analysis. Expressive
involvement in the origination and execution of merger and acquisition (M&A) mandates
and fairness opinion, providing counsel to several corporate groups.