In some professions, specializing can certainly figure as a unique and highly competitive factor. Depending on the times, a full-service model may be adequate, while at other times specialization may be fundamental. And it is certainly no different in the legal domain. There are attorneys specialized in an array of areas, just like there are many “full-service” firms that offer their clients complete solutions.

In the case of company mergers and acquisitions, due to their enormity and complexity, being specialized is an essential condition for working in the industry and providing quality support to clients. However, in Brazil, there are very few law firms that offer this differential, usually simply combining expertise from a few correlated areas, offering somewhat simplistic and precarious consultancy in M&A. As a result, the support provided is notably lacking, with little vision of the whole and no real experience in operations involving the purchase and sale of companies, whether from a legal or business standpoint.

And our story begins with this niche and the desire to build something new and different in the legal market: a law firm fully dedicated to mergers and acquisitions.

Over 20 years of experience in business and legal consulting services, heading legal proceedings and cases for medium-size and large Brazilian and multinational firms, with over 15 years developing expertise in structuring and conducting mergers, acquisitions and the sale of companies as an exclusive advisor, qualifies us for this challenge. The founder, after whom our institution is named, structured the legal body in a way to ensure specialized consultancy in mergers and acquisitions, a model practically unheard of in Brazil, as this type of activity is usually undertaken by ill-equipped, full-service legal firms, lacking the specialization and experience necessary when it comes to the vastness and complexity of an M&A process.

It is important to remember that in mergers and acquisitions, it’s not only money and companies that count. There are people, each with their own anxieties, dreams and precautions. Providing fully tailored services, with discretion, transparency and a strategic business vision is what puts us at the head of the pack. Pragmatically and carefully catering to the legal demands of clients entering or midway through a specific merger, acquisition or sales is our mission.

We can and want to be by your side from the start to the end of this journey.